Clinical Trial Sponsors: National Taiwan University Hospital

  Source:		NCT00173576

    		Clinical Study of SARS in Children

			First Update September 12, 2005
			Last Update October 26, 2005

			Brief Summary
			Severe acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is
			an emerging infectious disease. It is caused by
			a novel SARS-associated coronavirus.
			According to the epidemiological data, it is
			highly infectious by intimate contact, respiratory
			secretion, or direct contact with infectious body
			fluid. By June 1, 2003, Center for Disease
			Control Taiwan, R.O.C reported 677 probable
			SARS cases. Among them, 93.2% (631/677)
			were more than 20 years old. Only 6.8%
			(46/677) were under 20 years old. Usually the
			major hosts of respiratory viruses are children,
			but evidence up to now shows that SARS is
			mainly a disease of adults. The data of clinical
			presentation and epidemiological prevalence in
			teenage group and children are lacking.
			Therefore, this project is aimed at the children
			and teenager among 1 month to eighteen years
			old. Seroepidemiology of SARS-CoV infection
			in children would be investigated. Patients who
			admitted to pediatric wards or visited ER and
			received blood sampling due to the need of
			clinical diagnosis/management would be
			enrolled. After the necessary laboratory
			examinations were done, the remaining serum
			would be collected and tested for
			anti-SARS-CoV IgG by ELISA.

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