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			PubMed Journals: World Health Organization
			Clinical Trial Sponsors: World Health Organization

     		3806465 Malaria Vaccine Evaluation Programme
			(Active, not recruiting)

			3752112 Trial Evaluating the Clinical Efficacy
			of Cefixime for Treatment of Early Syphilis in
			Non-pregnant Women (Recruiting)

			3506698 Kangaroo Mother Care Implementation
			Research for Accelerating Scale-up (Recruiting)

			3130114 Antibiotics for Children With Severe
			Diarrhoea (Completed)

			3078842 Zinc Dosing Trial - Does Dose
			Reduction Reduce Side Effects But Retain
			Efficacy in Diarrhoea Management (Active, not

			2151578 Home Management of Malaria and
			Pneumonia (Completed)

			1186302 Comparison of the Safety and Efficacy
			of Medical Abortion Provided by Physicians
			and Midlevel Providers in Nepal (Completed)

			370487 Comparison of the Safety of First
			Trimester Abortions Performed by Physicians
			and Non-Physicians in South Africa and Viet
			Nam. (Completed)

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